Career opportunities with Leah Jay

Why choose a career in property management?

If you are a people person, have good communication skills, are well organised and have an interest in property, you could be very well suited to property management, which is both challenging and rewarding.

Property managers have a range of responsibilities. Their primary role is to work for and protect the interest of the property’s owner, whilst finding the right tenant for the right property.

What is property management?

Property management covers all areas of tenanting and maintaining an investment property. We act on behalf of the property owner and the duties vary depending on their requirements.

Generally, the role includes:

  • Finding suitable tenants for the property; this involves marketing the property then screening the applicants, including checking of references
  • Preparing all the documentation for the lease of the premises and briefing the tenant on the terms
  • Conducting inspections of the premises before handing it over to the tenant
  • Carrying out regular inspections to ensure the premises are being maintained in the appropriate condition and reporting to the owners
  • Ensuring rent and water usage is paid and manage any arrears
  • Arranging to pay accounts on behalf of the owners for such expenses as rates, strata levies, repairs, etc.
  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance to be carried out at the property
  • Keeping owners informed of any matters relating to their property
  • Carrying out periodic reviews of the rent being received for the property
  • Where necessary, preparing and presenting cases to the Consumer Trader Tenancy Tribunal. This may be for a variety of matters, including to seek rent arrears and compensation from the tenant.

What does a property manager do?

A property manager will generally manage a portfolio of properties usually within a specified area, not far from one another. A property manager is responsible for pretty much everything related to the rental of the property. Responsibilities include advertising properties for rent, finding new tenants and maintaining the property for the owner.

Due to Leah Jay focusing 100% on property management, property managers are supported by other staff such as administration, leasing, marketing, and a new business team.

So how do I become a property manager?

There are a few pathways to becoming a property manager. One of the most common ways is to become a receptionist or administration officer and then move into a property manager’s role. Usually, this involves becoming an assistant to a property manager for a period of time, whilst you learn the role and receive training. 

What formal qualifications are required?

It is imperative that you:

  • Have a current Certificate of Registration
  • Have superior verbal and written skills
  • Have excellent attention to detail
  • Present yourself in a professional manner and dress accordingly
  • Are willing to roll up your sleeves and get the job done
  • Are dedicated to continuous improvement and self-development
  • Take genuine pride in your role and enjoy your work.

How can I apply?

You are welcome to email our HR Administrator, Melanie Frith at hr@leahjay.com.au, in strict confidence to discuss any positions available.

If we are advertising for any positions the details will be shown below.



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