Our Values

Our success stems from the core values that underpin the way we go about our business

Respect & Courtesy

Underpin how we deal with everyone we encounter; all clients including property owners and tenants, our colleagues, other stakeholders, the general public and our competitors.

Integrity & Ethics

Are not to be compromised in the pursuit of commercial or personal objectives. This entails being open and honest with clients and others, even when it may be easier and perhaps more profitable to do otherwise. We adhere to all relevant rules, regulations and codes of practice that apply to our industry, business and operations.

Diligence & Earnestness

In all areas of work endeavour; we will do the best job we can and apply the maximum effort possible to achieve the desired result.


Impacts directly on our capacity to effectively carry out our respective roles, which demands ongoing training and development.


Is essential, from readily taking responsibility for one’s own actions to willingly recognising the efforts and success of others, particularly our colleagues.


To take what we do seriously but not ourselves and to keep things in perspective so that we may enjoy our work as much as possible.



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