Leah Jay Remote Inspections

At Leah Jay we’re focussed on building systems that empower progress for Property Owners and Tenants, and our remote inspections capability is another step forward in delivering specialist Property Management.

Our remote technology allows thorough routine inspections to be carried out virtually. No delays and no compromise on attention to detail.

How does it work?

  • A link is sent to our Tenant which takes them into the inspection environment
  • Owners can join the inspection via this link also
  • The tenant walks us around the property
  • Our standard checklists are met, and we remain diligent in checking details like ovens, behind doors, showers, sinks, external etc.
  • We have control of the camera through the link and take photos as we go
  • A Report is then produced with the images and our comments, including any actions and/or repairs required
  • This is then sent to the owner for their records
  • If we have any concerns, we book a physical reinspection in 7 days.

What are the benefits of remote inspections?

Since carrying out remote inspections, we’ve noticed vast positive benefits to this approach:

  • Our Tenants are more involved in the process
  • Diligence and detail of the inspection is consistently upheld
  • It’s more convenient for owners and tenants, particularly for our Owners who are out of the area
  • There is far less rescheduling of inspections so we’re getting to the property sooner
  • It enables a safe distance to be maintained during the current circumstances with Covid-19.

What is evaluated at a routine remote inspection?

  • The overall standard to ensure your home is being cared for
  • Any urgent work to be carried out and/or ongoing maintenance required
  • Any work to be carried out by your tenant – this is the work we will ask the tenant to complete in order to maintain the property in the desired condition
  • We will also make recommendations about the lease agreement and how the rent achieved is fairing against the current market
  • To keep you informed about the state of your property and perhaps other matters that might impact on your investment.

Are physical inspections still carried out?

Definitely. In the current circumstances with Covid-19, we are carrying out more remote inspections to ensure timeliness and standards are being upheld. Moving forward, properties will be inspected both virtually and physically throughout the year. If we have any concerns at a remote inspection, we will book a physical reinspection in 7 days.


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