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What Leah Jay will do for individual property owners


  • We can work with you to maximise your investment and ongoing yield through targeted improvements to the property. The underlying aim is to help to maximise the benefit from your investment, right through the investment lifecycle, from acquisition to divesting
  • You may want to add to your property portfolio. Our Investment Services team can assist you with guidance about the local rental market, what is in demand and what rent can be achieved
  • Support is available for first-time property investors, utilising the expertise and resources on hand at Leah Jay to provide information and guidance
  • If you decide to sell your investment property, talk with our team about the process. We have preferred real estate agents we can put you in touch with to secure you the best outcome. 

Finding the right tenant

Marketing your property

  • We research the market and use our own large database of properties to determine an accurate attainable rent
  • We advertise your property on our website (that receives over ten thousand visits per month), on Domain.com.au and on RealEstate.com.au
  • ‘For Lease’ signs are used outside the property
  • We refer to our prospective tenant list (people searching who have approached us directly) and work with our leasing consultants to find the right tenant for your property.

Selecting the tenant

  • The experience of our leasing consultants comes to the fore when showing the property to prospective tenants – the first step in matching a tenant to the property
  • Key information is checked, including the applicant’s tenancy history and references; we subscribe to the state’s largest tenancy default database
  • We provide you with guidance and advice, particularly in relation to relevant legal requirements
  • We’re proactive and while helpful and respectful, we have a reputation for being firm. We only accept applicants we know will make suitable tenants, which acts as a form of screening in itself. Many former tenants have returned to Leah Jay as property owners because they understand and appreciate our approach
  • Whilst the decision of which tenant will be approved is made by the owner, Leah Jay will advise and provide you with all of the information so that an informed decision can be made.

Preparing documentation and briefing the tenant

  • After discussing the key terms with you and negotiating with the tenants, we prepare the lease and an ingoing condition report
  • Before handing over keys we personally meet with the tenants and ensure they understand the terms of tenancy.

Managing the tenancy

Property inspections

  • About 6 to 8 weeks after the tenants move in, we inspect the premises and a copy of the report is forwarded to you
  • We then conduct inspections periodically and report to you on the condition of the property. We invite owners to attend, if possible, one of the inspections each year.

Collecting rent and managing arrears

  • We collect all rent and money for water usage and transfer electronically to you monthly or twice monthly
  • Arrears are monitored daily and strict procedures are followed to manage the situation; prompt attention and action is crucial
  • Paying accounts
  • We can also attend to payment of accounts such as repairs and maintenance, rates and strata levies.

Repairs and maintenance

  • Teams of reliable, experienced tradespeople can attend to any repairs and maintenance that arise. We look after a wide range of matters, including smoke alarm replacement, rubbish removal, general cleaning, pest control and electrical/plumbing repairs.

Financial statements

  • We account to you at the end of each month
  • End of financial year statements are available.

Keeping you informed

  • We use all means available including email and SMS. All property managers have mobile phones to enable direct contact by owners
  • Newsletters are emailed to you and our website has articles to update you on any significant matters, including changes to regulations.

Vacating the property


  • Immediately after notice is received we seek your instructions and plan advertising
  • A thorough end of tenancy inspection is conducted to determine the condition of the property.


  • Where it becomes necessary we prepare the case and represent you at the Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal, whether to seek compensation and orders on the tenant or defend any actions they may initiate. This occasionally happens during a tenancy.
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