Leah Jay | Carrington aerial view looking over Throsby Creek
Leah Jay | Carrington play park
Leah Jay | Carrington aerial view
Leah Jay | Carrington - Newcastle Rowing Club
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Newcastle/Lake Macquarie
  • Inner City
  • Cafes / Shops
  • Cycleway
  • Shopping Centre
  • Parks
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Investor Snapshot

  • Median Age 35
  • Number of Businesses 827
  • Pop density (Persons per KM SQ.) 965
  • Average Household Size 2.1 people
  • Rental Market 43.7%
  • Households that speak languages other than English 7.5%
  • Source - Figures relate to the 2016 Census (Code SSC10830) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Wickham - Carrington - Tighes Hill Area 2


Once known for its heavy industry, Carrington has become a fashionable retreat for many residents, with some opting for Carrington over popular inner city suburbs such as Cooks Hill.

Carrington sits on a spit on the opposite side of the Hunter River to Newcastle. Mayfield and Maryville border the area where the suburb connects to the mainland, while Islington and Wickham sit directly across from the main outcrop. Only four kilometres from Newcastle’s CBD, Carrington is accessed by the Cowper Street Bridge.

Named after former NSW Governor Lord Carrington, the suburb is essentially a town built on a mud island. It was known by the Indigenous population as wuna-r tee or ‘place of the mud crab’. Originally the land was quite small, but ships dumping ballast and other reclamation work eventually saw its size increase. In the 1860s the land became a residential suburb and a retreat for people who wanted to leave the buzz of the city. It still has quite a few historical buildings including the Hydraulic Power Station, built in 1977, and the Carrington Council Chambers, built in 1888.

“As Carrington continues to boom, so too does its cafe culture. The suburb is also home to some lovely restaurants, which offer a selection of cuisines.”

Why rent in Carrington?

A classic corner store and a few independent shops provide groceries and essential services to the area. It may be a surprise to some, but Carrington has some of the best coffee shops in the area. As Carrington continues to boom, so to does its café culture. The suburb is also home to some lovely restaurants, which offer a selection of cuisines.

Carrington is the location of Newy Parkrun, which takes place every Saturday morning at 8am. Newcastle Rowing Club is based in Carrington, with its members using the river to practice most mornings. Honeysuckle Reserve in Carrington’s north-west is an off-leash dog area, which is very popular with dog owners.

Carrington Public School is the only school in the area; it feeds into Newcastle High. A regular bus service runs through the suburb, making it easy to get to other schools closer to the CBD.

Carrington has a lot of small houses and townhouses. It has a relatively young population, but is growing and attracting more families who like the area for its proximity to the CBD and its slower pace of life.

Images: Copyright 2016 Leah Jay.

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