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Rankin Park


Newcastle/Lake Macquarie
  • John Hunter Hospital
  • Parks
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Wallsend South Public School

Investor Snapshot

  • Median Age 41
  • Number of Businesses 1,507
  • Pop density (Persons per KM SQ.) 1,757
  • Average Household Size 2.6 people
  • Rental Market 12.5%
  • Households that speak languages other than English 9.5%
  • Source - Figures relate to the 2016 Census (Code SSC13315) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics: Glendale - Cardiff - Hillsborough Statistical Area 2

A guide to help you in your search for a place to live, or invest, in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or Maitland

The suburb of Rankin Park is only 11 kilometres from Newcastle’s CBD and is split between the City of Newcastle and the City of Lake Macquarie.

Rankin Park sits right next to New Lambton Heights behind the John Hunter Hospital. Its other closest neighbours are Cardiff Heights and Elermore Vale.

The area was formerly a housing estate named Cambridge Hills Estate and remains heavily residential-based, with very few commercial businesses in the area.

Why rent in Rankin Park?

Rankin Park has a lot of family houses and is popular among established families and older couples.

There are no schools in the suburb but Wallsend South Public School sits just outside Rankin Park’s western border. There is a small park in the centre of the suburb, which has two sets of swings and children’s play equipment.

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