How To Write A Pet Resume For Pet-Friendly Rental Properties

If you’re part of the 30% of Australians who rent and the 63% who own pets, a property in which you’re allowed to keep a pet is a necessity. But competition for pet-friendly properties can be very high. So how can you make sure you and your pet stand out?

One way is to include a pet resume with your application.

What is a pet resume?

A pet resume is a document providing details of your pet and highlighting their best qualities. The aim is to help owners and property managers to get to know your pet, and make an informed decision about having you as a tenant.

Including a pet resume shows that you’re serious about your application, and dedicated to finding and taking care of a home for yourself and your pet. Since a pet is almost like an extra tenant on the lease, it makes sense to include them in the application process.

How to write a pet resume

The following information should be included on your pet resume:

Basic details

Include your pet’s name, breed, age and registration/microchipping details, as well as a photo.

Rental history

Mention any previous rental experience you have had with your pet. This goes a long way towards reassuring owners you are a reliable pet owner who can be trusted to keep a pet in their property.


Include references who can vouch for your pet’s good behaviour – previous landlords/property managers, your vet, your dog trainer, etc. These may be written references or contact details for people willing to speak to the property manager or owner directly about your pet.


Provide details of your vet and your pet’s regular check-ups, as well as their vaccinations, desexing, grooming and flea/worming schedules.

Behavioural characteristics

Describe your pet’s house and (if applicable) obedience training, as well as their temperament and positive qualities that would make them a good ‘tenant’.

care measures

Outline the measures you will take to care for both your pet and the property. This might include describing your pet’s activity (e.g. if you have a dog, how often it is walked), as well as the ways you will ‘pet-proof’ the property and protect it from potential damage (e.g. providing scratching posts for cats, toys to keep your dog occupied if it is left home alone, etc.)


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